Our Studio

Herzliya Industry Area

Our studio is a direct continuation of the partnership

“Michal Kucik-Dror Aviram, Architcture & Preservation”.

Upon the sad loss of Michal, we have decided to carry on employing Michal's credo as the basis of our professional etiquette.

We bring with us over 30 years of experience in urban planning and architectural design of large-scale projects to small-scale ones. This in addition to two decades of entrepreneurship in real estate. Our advantage lies in the combination of these two worlds, giving us a deep understanding of customer needs and expanding the solutions we have to offer.

In every project, regardless of its scale, we desire to create a story. From the interior design through the process of building to urban fabric planning, we always consider the comfort and well-being of the people in the locality.

This approach leads us to the realm of contemporary terms of sustainable planning and green construction. When approaching the designing board, we study firstly the environmental data. We analyze the existing structures, the land, the vegetation, and identify the movements and traditions of the site. All of this is learned in parallel with understanding the needs and desires of the customer. This is how the unique and individual story is born, and the building outlines take shape.

We strive to create an environment that evokes feelings of joy, love, and curiosity. Emotional impact is thus created, that affects the consciousness, the existence and the human interactions within the given environment.

Our perception is that the trust built between people and their surroundings is the foundation on which interhuman relationships are formed. We try to incorporate this insight to each project we embark on.

 Michal Kucik 1963-2021


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